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    22 Greeting Cards That Are Straight From The Heart

    Store-bought greeting cards are great at expressing almost exactly what you wanted to say. But sometimes they need just a bit of editorializing.

    1. For A Loved One Going Through A Tragic Los–– Er, Hysterectomy:

    2. For A Child Who Needs Everything To Be Totally Clear:

    3. For The Son Who Is Easily Traumatized:

    4. For A Coworkers Birthday Or Something. I Don't Know, I Didn't Read It:

    5. For The Person Who's Finally Rid Of That Loved One:

    6. For The Wife Who Hopefully Won't Notice That You Didn't Read The Card Before You Bought It:

    7. For The Grandson Who Bought You The Computer You Haven't Learned How To Use:

    8. For The Son Who Broke Up With His Girlfriend Right After This Photo Was Taken:

    9. For The Sibling Who Is In Touch With Their Emotions:

    10. For The Mother Whose Son Is A Little Too Intimate With Her Reproductive System:


    11. For The Grandson You Think Is Turning 6, But Who Is Actually Turning 31:

    12. For The Whore In Your Life:

    13. For The Daughter Who Didn't Resort To Hard Drugs:

    14. For The Father Who Loves To Hold Ass:

    15. For Your Coworker [INSERT NAME]:

    16. For The Brother Who Whatever:

    17. For The... Who Cares? Money:

    18. For Your Son The Addict

    19. For Your Sexually Hesitant Lover

    20. For The Sentimental Object Of Your Desire:


    21. For The Total Stranger In Your Life:

    22. For Your Brother Who Has Everything (Except Dryer Sheets):