The 32 Greatest Moments In The History Of Timing

Timing has been around since the dawn of time. There’s been an awful lot of it, but these are the clear highlights.

1. The exact moment Bryan’s doctor told him he’d need to wear an eye patch for the next two weeks:

2. The exact moment play was suspended due to an ice wizard on the rink:

3. The exact moment Ryan stopped being invited to group pictures:

4. The exact moment Ernie Hudon screwed himself:

5. The exact moment this dude got deep into yoga:

6. The exact moment Mischa wondered if all her Olympic training was worth it:

7. The exact moment the prophecy revealed the true King of the Court:

8. The exact moment Josh lost his keys on the roller coaster, and the exact moment Aaron became the hero of the day:

9. The exact moment Rusty Ryal went on the disabled list with a broken nose:

10. The exact moment he came an inch from breaking both ankles:

11. The exact moment Rio Ferdinand retired from soccer:

12. The exact moment the cheer squad realized they needed a little more practice:

13. The exact moment he vowed to always keep at least one hand open at all times:

14. The exact moment she chose to chance the rapids, and dared to dance the tide:

15. The exact moment his dad realized he didn’t have a future MLB All-Star on his hands:

16. The exact moment Jeremy finally started believing all those stories he had heard about giant birds in the area:

17. The exact moment Josh felt like a real dick for what he said to Sarah:

18. The exact moment you realized how far domesticated cats had come:

19. The exact moment they all realized the auto-timer would probably work better than trying to run into the shot before the camera took the picture:

20. The exact moment the University of Nebraska at Kearney stopped inviting Peter to National Science Award photo shoots:

21. The exact moment the entire vacation was ruined:

22. The exact moment Apples went full xenomorph:

23. The exact moment eight people realized they were overreacting:

24. The exact moment this kid became a baller:

25. The exact moment the Coast Guard decided to stop giving tours to elementary school classes:

26. The exact moment Tony saw his opportunity, and seized it:

27. The exact moment professional hockey saw its first on-ice decapitation:

28. The exact moment the snowball fight turned into a snowball war:

29. The exact moment she regretted ever agreeing to participate in the “cinnamon challenge”:

30. The exact moment a wasp flew just out of frame:

31. The exact moment Dan Marino decided to retire from football:

32. The exact moment they discovered that the kayak wasn’t rated for golden retrievers:

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