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    31 GIFs So Perfectly Looped That It's Physically Gratifying

    Animated GIFs are an art form.

    1. This guy playing frisbee by himself forever.

    2. This wrestler who can never have enough chairs.

    3. This man who will never see without sunglasses again.

    4. This Pop Tart factory in action.

    5. Chicken the French bulldog and his "nope stick."

    6. This corgi on a carousel.

    7. This endless parkour run.

    8. This supercell brewing an endless storm.

    9. This efficient chain-making machine.

    10. Jack making himself a dull boy.

    11. This BMXer jumping from dirt to dirt to dirt...

    12. This bottomless glass of whiskey.

    13. This unending night.

    14. This rapid surfer.

    15. This gymnast on the high bar.

    16. This log chopper, tirelessly chopping logs.

    17. This finger tapping machine, tapping its fingers forever.

    18. Michael Jackson's neverending moonwalk.

    19. These yoga enthusiasts with impeccable balance.

    20. This loooooong track.

    21. An endless supply of bullets.

    22. This man preparing strawberry jam.

    23. This hall diver, training for the hallway Olympics.

    24. This indefatigable breakdancer.

    25. The midnight train that just keeps going.

    26. George Constanza applauding you.

    27. This bottomless cup of tea.

    28. This ice cream sandwich machine making enough ice cream sandwiches for a lifetime.

    29. This robot endlessly playing with its toy car.

    30. This subway pulling into the station.

    31. This fashion photographer filling up his portfolio.