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24 Secret Backstories Behind Popular GIFs

This explains everything.

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1. Cover blown.

2. Typical Deadbeat Dog.

3. There goes my hero, watch him as he goes.

4. All that planning, all those resources... wasted.

5. Way better than fireworks.

6. We’ve all been there before, Mike.

7. Hammers can be such tools.

8. Leave the advanced moves to the experts.

9. Nothing else could possibly explain a move this stupid.

10. He's the hero this bouncy castle needs.

11. Henry died doing what he loved. (Coke.)

12. I'm so sick of that racist piece of trash spewing his garbage all over the place.

13. Dating was so hard in the '90s.

14. Is suicide just TOO HARD?! For 8 easy payments of $9.99, you can own the MIGHTY DRIVER! Reach any deadly light socket with ease!

15. After successfully testing cheese, the team moved on to experimenting with ham.

16. Think about this next time you think you're seeing typical soccer theatrics.

17. I would wish for more wishes, and that they could all be this radical.

18. Stop running from who you are, Chihuahua.

19. Game recognize game.

20. We CAN rebuild him, but are you sure you want us to?

21. Don't fuck with Gumby.

22. You can't escape the Curse of the Clown.

23. I guess the biker was just two-tired.

24. I hope senpai catches me.

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