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The 30 Funniest Conversations You'll See On Tumblr

Tumblr is full of bright, funny people who share their lives with tight-knit communities in very profound, meaningful ways. It's also full of these people.

1. This girl losing her job in real time:

2. This genius prank idea:

3. An idea from the world's best dad:

4. These black dots that need to check their privilege:

5. Late-night conjecture about mirror people:

6. This person who just wants to watch the world burn:

7. An idea from the person who should have directed the Twilight movies:

8. Educators educating:

9. People who want yo help you make friends:

10. The guy you learned about in math:

11. People with a lot of nickels:

12. Leo DiCaprio appreciators:

13. Nightmare parrots:


15. People with unusable information:

16. Expert band namers:

17. The other type of person:

18. Things that are this, not that:

19. Nightmares from Iceland:

20. Love stories about buoys and gulls:

21. The president focusing on the important things:

22. People being RUDE:

23. Excited foot fetishists:

24. Geek ass bitches getting put on point:

25. People policing tags:

26. People who just want you to eat right:

27. This guy falling out of his chair:

28. Egg:

29. People who eat balanced breakfasts:

30. People who don't know what a Malteaser is: