25 TikTok Videos That Are Actually Good

    If you can manage to get past all the lip-syncing teens there’s… well, more lip-syncing teens but some the occasional funny video too.

    1. "I died after this so I hope y’all find it funny!" –@heathhil


    2. This scandalous scene from @lastmanstanley

    3. "This is what I do to people doing that #zoomchallenge 😏" –@patrickmofficial

    4. "So precious" –@hefty_jeffrey

    5. "Just trying to eat #duet with @30274110545" –@pepperonijoe

    6. This monster shot from the bleachers/Lakers recruitment tape from @alfrednummer2

    7. “Me when I act normal vs Me when I’m myself” –@alreadyregretthis

    8. This woke remix from @abigaylejackson

    9. "Noot noot 🐧" –@dänkmëme

    10. This impressive, multi-cam effort from @milkgoo

    11. "😳‼️💨" –@pizzabeardparty

    12. This relatable seagull from @dänkmëme

    13. This failed challenge attempt from @handystand69

    14. The gripping performance from @ur_mom2.00

    15. "Error 404 not found ⛔️❌" –@dänkmëme

    16. "Just over here trying to enjoy my biscuits. No worries Bandit #stopchallenge" –@tiltedwilts

    17. This unusually aggressive bite of cereal from @feedingthehungry

    18. This devastating "duet" from @ismaelcanedo

    19. This very beautiful transition from @ladykiller_69

    20. This refreshing beverage from @saltbottle

    21. "#duet with @hailo she has no humanity 😂😂😂" –@masterjowblob69

    22. "Yeah! By Usher" –@baets

    23. This really rad vape trick from @davidpfaff

    24. "#duet with @corynation thought my dog kind of looked like scooby" –@cat.vega

    25. This upgrade from @lookatmycakes