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18 Signs You Might Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food

Thanks for the "suggestion" but I'll decide how big a serving is.

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1. You understand that serving suggestions are just that — suggestions.

2. And you're not a strong believer in the food pyramid or portion control either.

3. Local grocery stores and take-out places sometimes express concern for your well-being.

4. Girl Scout Cookie season is like a national holiday for you.

5. Some of your fondest memories are about food.

6. But so are some of your deepest shames.

7. You've got a different set of priorities than the people around you.

8. You have trouble focusing on anything but food when you're hungry.

9. Which causes you to act out when you can't get it.

10. Your Instagram feed is all food pics.

11. You can't be restrained around all-you-can-eat buffets.

12. And you definitely can't be restrained around cake, even though it hurts you.

13. You make do when times are particularly desperate.

14. You've carefully curated your Facebook feed so it shows you only pages you're really interested in.

15. Food makes it tough for you to enjoy the simple things in life.

16. You hide your problems from friends and loved ones.

17. You set aside a lot in your budget for food.

18. And you always, always add an egg.

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