24 People Who Are At The Top Of Their Facebook Game

Einstein, Descartes, Socrates, your cousin Ryan… These are just a few of history’s greatest thinkers.

1. This dude who finally put Esther in her place:

2. This guy who’s glad you noticed:

3. This guy who saw a chance for an easy layup and took it:

4. This guy who knows that Journey’s drummer is livin’ in a lonely world:

5. This guy who’s thinking less is more:

6. This master criminal:

7. This conspiracy theorist:

8. This guy who doesn’t have time for your life story:

9. This sandwich fan:

10. This book-smart Marine:

11. This guy who works smart, not hard:

12. This guy who finally figured out the gay agenda:

13. This chronic “kay”er:

14. This Forrest Gump fan:

15. This fan of faint girls:

16. This mathematically gifted alcoholic:

17. This guy who likes giraffes a little too much:

18. This guy who’s just worried about the strain on your neck:

19. This little brother who just took his sibling rivalry to a new level:

20. This guy who just got grifted by a bunch of 8-year-olds:

21. This rejected X-man:

22. This guy whose internet cookies could tell some tales:

23. This future TV announcer:

24. And all of Don’s friends who saw this coming:

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