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21 Signs We’ve Taken Face-Swaps Too Far

Enough is enough.

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1. Because noses don't make good faces.

2. And neither do hubcaps. In fact, hubcaps make VERY BAD faces.

3. Because doll faces only look cute on dolls. Not people.

4. Because it's making us realize how lonely we really are.

5. Because Adele deserves better.

When your 8 year old brother pulls off the greatest executed face swap you've ever seen 😂

6. And because Adam Levine will always get his revenge.

(It's a finger, btw.)

(It's a finger, btw.)

7. Because, like the rest of us, those face-swap apps don’t know how to deal with vapers.

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8. Because everyone loves Thomas the Tank Engine, but nobody loves Eric the Tank Engine.

9. Because identical twins are a living face-swap. They don't need any additional assistance.

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10. Because America is not ready for the Pillsbury Dough Man.

11. Because Wendy's is never going to taste the same.

12. Because nobody should mess with the lord and savior.

13. Or Jesus, for that matter.

14. Because this makes us think about stuff we shouldn't be thinking about.

(Like that movie Predator.)

(Like that movie Predator.)

15. Because Hillary's campaign doesn't need this right now.

16. Because there's always another face you didn't expect.

17. Because when people tell you that you and your 11-year-old daughter look alike, you should just take their word for it.

18. Because Little Gabriel doesn't sell as many snack cakes as Little Debbie.

19. Because grandbabies aren't a thing. Grandbabies are a nightmare.

Claire M. Porter @claire_m_porter

20. Because the next logical step is eye swaps, and those are a nightmare.

21. And because when they don't work, you're just sitting there holding a bottle of Cholula.

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