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You May Not Realize It Yet, But You Definitely Have Coulrophobia

It’s estimated that 12% of adults claim to be afraid of clowns. And now you’re one of them.

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Millions of adults claim to have a fear of clowns. Not sure if you're one of them? Take a look at this photo. Not so scary, right?

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How about now?

See? Maybe you're more afraid of clowns than you thought! It probably started when you were young. Maybe this guy was the reason:

Or this guy?

Or maybe this guy? Either way, you definitely have a full blown case of Coulrophobia now. I can prove it.

Look at this clown, waiting for you outside your hiding place. Don't worry, he's patient.

Anything? What about this clown? Look at his up there, just waiting for you to come up and play.

Not up for a visit? Don't worry, they'll come find you!

How do you feel about the REAL LIFE clown that terrorized the town of Northampton in England?

Or the REAL LIFE clowns terrorizing the San Joaquin Valley in California?


They're the LEAST of your problems. Most of the time you won't even see a clown until it's too late.

Like this woman who found 37 clowns hiding – waiting – under her porch.

Or this guy, who found them waiting in his attic. Waiting and watching.

Clowns are always there.

Don't worry though... not all clowns are out to get you. Just most of them.

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