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    Die Antwoord: An Introduction

    Meet your new favorite Afrikaans hip-hop group straight out of Cape Town: Die Antwoord. They released their first album last year, but their videos have just started to take off over the last few days (for obvious reasons).

    • An interview with Die Antwoord:

      Make sure to listen closely for DJ Hi-Tek's "next level beats" that he made on his PC computer.

    • Driving around Cape Town, spitting rhymes:

      Just to give you a little context.

    • Their first hit single - Enter the Ninja:

      In which the role of DJ Hi-Tek is played by a man with Progeria.

    • You're welcome.

    • Oh, by the way, they're fake.

      (Well, it's parody. It seems too bonkers and awesome to be true, because like all wonderful and crazy things, it is. Thanks to Videogum for exposing the less awesome truth.)