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    The 24 Best Design Fails Of All Time

    Good design tells a story. Bad design makes you look like an anus.

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    1. Because bad design can make any Norman Reedus fan look like an anus.

    2. Because one team doesn't all need to share bone goal.

    3. Because “I.T. E C H N O L O G Y Information NDepartment” is literally gibberish.

    4. Because this definitely isn’t the lesson about bones you meant to be teaching.

    5. Because we really don’t need to make VR technology look even dorkier than it already is.

    6. Because you need apprentices, not a bunch of people looking for app rentals on ice ships, which doesn’t really mean anything.

    7. Because no family can live on factory farts alone.

    8. Because this place really doesn’t give a shit if you buy shoes from them.

    9. Because good design promotes happiness and encourages you to let go of your worries. Bad design does the exact opposite.

    10. Because a good acronym shouldn’t have another unexplained acronym inside it. (Oh, and the letters should probably correspond to the words?)

    11. Because the pink on pink is really undercutting your message.

    12. Because nothing helps Spanish speakers more than explaining their own language to them in a different language.

    13. Because bad design might just bring about the zombie apocalypse.

    14. Because nobody should be left hanging on their wedding day.

    15. Because that's not how Venn diagrams work.

    16. Because context is really, really, really important.

    17. Because Real Anti-Abduction (👊) affects Everyone.

    18. Because the Canadian national soccer team deserves better.

    19. Because sometimes it's actually OK to feel left out.

    20. Because you should probably practice what you preach.

    21. Because bathroom stalls have an important role to play beyond their mere aesthetic beauty.

    22. Because the "engine degreaser" vibe isn't as appetizing as your design manager seems to think.

    23. Because most people only like to chew their own nails.

    24. And because cannibalism is frowned upon, even in the cat community.