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    17 Dads Who Are Dad AF

    Once you go dad, you never go back.

    1. This dad who captured a beautiful life moment:

    2. This dad with a topic of utmost importance:

    3. This new dad who has already mastered the art of the dad joke:

    4. This dad who proves it isn't always the thought that counts:

    5. This dad who's just doing his best in this topsy-turvy world:

    6. This dad who found the perfect use for a selfie stick: embarrassing his family:

    7. This dad who shows his enthusiasm in more subtle ways:

    8. This dad who put his son's life in Meatloaf's capable hands (er... paws):

    9. This dad who figured out how to keep his daughter safe when he's not there to keep an eye on her:

    10. This dad who knows the value of recycling:

    11. This dad who is a one stop news source:

    12. This dad who insists on playing chaperone on all his daughter's dates, even at Chik-Fil-A:

    13. This dad who wants you to check out his new stove, but can't figure out how to turn off this heart selfie feature on his phone:

    14. This dad who figured out how to work on his golf game and billiards game at the same time:

    15. This dad with an impeccable sense of timing... and whether the thermostat's been touched:

    16. This dad who inspects all his Monopoly money to keep an eye our for counterfeits:

    17. This dad who taught his daughter a valuable lesson in modesty when she wanted to wear short shorts to dinner:

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