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28 Kids Who Outsmarted Their Teachers

Looks like it's time to retire. If these kids are any indication, it's clear that the next generation can take things from here.

1. This future leader who speaks truth to power.

2. This no-nonsense straight talker who plays music with his words.

3. This preternaturally brilliant only child.

4. This searing feminist intellect, turning a mirror on a corrupt patriarchal society.

5. This kid who should be an investigative journalist, not a mathematician.

6. This dedicated student of the female psyche.

7. This future high-powered defense attorney.

8. This brilliant alchemist, who doubtless also knows the secret properties of 'soft ice.'

9. This kid who studied from the wrong book.

10. This existentialist.

11. This reformer who believes that text books should confront the important issues head on.

12. This extremely gifted Biology student.

13. The lonely, friendless taxonomist.

14. This future burden to taxpayers everywhere.

15. This harsh theater critic.

16. This brilliant historian.

17. This kid who reminds us that stupid questions deserve stupid answers.

18. This historical analyst who is so insightful that she must have been there.

19. This empathetic guidance counselor.

20. This young man who understands that the most important chemistry happens between two people.

21. This kid who is going to have to make a tough choice between a career in Aeronautics and a career in Elemental Wizardry.

22. This hopeless romantic (and equally hopeless geologist).

23. This 美丽的说书人.

24. This young chemist who is nostalgic for the conservative values of the McCarthy era.

25. This free thinker who understands the importance of having options.

26. This art critic who understands the principles of design.

27. This master playwright who won't settle for a story that doesn't fully explore its characters' motivations.

28. And this dangerous nihilist who is forcing us all to confront our own mortality.