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    25 Childhood-Ruining Moments You Forgot About

    None of us had any idea.

    1. She wasn't anywhere near his mouth.

    2. The boy with black hair looks directly at Mac's penis.

    3. This lady left a human man for a bee.

    4. This joke was way dirtier than you remember.

    5. Those are totally meant to be boobs.

    6. This is what Pete and Pete look like now.

    7. Timon and Pumbaa watched Simba and Nala have sex. (And sang while they did.)

    8. The Rugrats once ate something called "cum-like squirmy."

    9. Aladdin takes place in a post-apocalyptic future.

    10. Every famous animal you ever loved is dead.

    11. You can see two students having sex on the Marauder's Map in Harry Potter.

    12. Wait… For real, where does she keep them?

    13. Helga from Hey Arnold was pretty blunt about her sexual urges.

    14. The Krusty Krab was a lobster trap.

    15. Ellie from Up was barren. Then she died.

    16. The Pokémon Muk wasn't what you think he was.

    17. There's a topless woman on the post for The Lion King.

    18. The Disney princesses are really messed up.

    19. Megatron's trigger was also his penis.

    20. The Lion King was full of incest.

    21. Arthur and Buster wear the other on their feet.

    22. There's a scene in The Magic School Bus in which Arnold kills himself by removing his helmet in space.

    23. Mario 3 was all a lie.

    24. Ginger Foutley was actually horribly deformed.

    25. Most Cartoon Network shows take place in the same universe, which was destroyed by Aku from Samurai Jack.