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    Posted on Feb 17, 2016

    21 Little Joys Tall People Will Never Get To Experience

    They say it's the little things in life that make you happy. We wouldn't know. We can't see them.

    1. Seeing their face in a bathroom mirror.

    2. The feeling of a relaxing, warm bath.

    3. Or even just a shower.

    4. The view out an airplane window.

    5. Fitting in an airplane seat comfortably.

    6. Or worse yet, an airplane bathroom.

    7. Being in someone else’s cover photo.

    8. Using a bathroom stall without making awkward eye contact over the door.

    9. Or a fitting room.

    10. Standing normally to write on a whiteboard.

    11. Dresses that fit like dresses, and not t-shirts.

    12. Pants that fit like pants, and not capris.

    13. Getting comfortable during your annual cleaning.

    14. Warm feet.

    15. Ceiling fans.

    16. Hearing something other than the same two questions over and over again.

    17. Just standing without pissing everyone off.

    18. Baseball games.

    19. Standing somewhere other than the back of the shot.

    20. ATM buttons that actually line up correctly.

    21. And just getting though the day without head trauma.

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