Birds Of Prey Are Hiding A Secret From You

There’s a reason eagles, falcons, and hawks are almost always photographed in profile.

1. Fact: Birds of prey don’t photograph well from the front…

2. A photo of the American bald eagle from the side – Stoic, brave, majestic.


3. A photo of the American bald eagle from the front…

4. …Scared, confused, vulnerable.

5. A photo of a hawk taken from the front – Badass, intimidating, knife-wielding.

6. Photos of hawks taken from the front…

7. …Awkward, timid, embarrassing.

8. Photo of a falcon taken mid-flight – Powerful, inspiring, sleek.

9. Photos of falcons taken while stationary…

10. …Frumpy, uncomfortable, terrified.

11. Photo of a golden eagle taken from the side – Austere, intrepid, resilient.

12. Golden eagle taken from the front…

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