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    Here Are 33 Very Good Text Messages And I Guarantee At Least One Will Make You Laugh

    Are text messages eligible for the Pulitzer Prize?

    1. When this guy enjoyed a cute little snack:

    2. When this person totally misread the situation:

    3. When this guy sent his girlfriend a dire warning:

    4. When Emily got a hold of her mom's phone:

    5. When this pure, innocent individual first discovered "hotdog eating masks":

    6. When Dylan brutally owned his buddy:

    7. When this person couldn't believe their bean fortune:

    8. The time pecan pie was life:

    9. When Sierra was having a real nostalgia attack:

    10. When this guy was probably too high to be texting:

    11. This wholesome exchange between a mother and her kid:

    12. When these people set some healthy boundaries:

    13. When Mom realized that not every app on her phone is Google:

    14. When "100 cowboy" came for you:

    15. When this stoner was extra courteous:

    16. When Grandma gave up and just BOG:

    17. When Andrew made this important clarification:

    18. When this guy did his best to be inconspicuous:

    19. When the moths finally gained human-level sentience:

    20. This devastating wrong number text:

    21. When this guy made an emphatic denial:

    22. The time this mom witnessed the beauty of nature:

    23. When this person didn't get the answer they were looking for:

    24. When this person destroyed their own mother:

    25. When these two weren't clear on their intentions:

    26. When this French woman forgot the word "hedgehog" momentarily:

    27. When this person was menaced by the Blue One:

    28. When this guy wanted to make sure Andrew knew that he had the chili covered:

    29. When this person sent some very provocative texts:

    30. When this woman wouldn't calm down long enough for a friendly game of billiards:

    31. When this person couldn't figure out how to work their cereal bar:

    32. When this guy proved that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder:

    33. When this guy couldn't live down his legacy: