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21 Reasons 2015 Was A Great Year For Dads

2015 was the year of the dad.

Dads had a great year in 2015. Here are a few reasons why...

1. They managed to capture all of life's beautiful little moments:

2. They finally figured out how to set up different accounts on Netflix:

3. They really showed how much they truly care:

4. They never passed up the opportunity for a good old dad joke:

5. Or two:

6. They knew how to keep us motivated:

7. They did their best to match mom's enthusiasm:

8. They found new ways to embarrass us in public:

9. And in private:

10. They dropped some sick burns:

11. They had reaction times verging on precognition:

12. They spent some quality time with your old pets:

13. And with some new ones:

14. They finally got the hang of Facebook:

15. They figured out how to dictate their texts:

16. And they did their absolute best to stay on top of the latest trends:

17. They were generous:

18. And accommodating:

19. But, you know, within reason:

20. They put up with a ton of nonsense:

21. And even though they appreciated the selfie stick you got them, they never quite got the hang of the damned thing:

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...keep up the good work next year, dads.

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