17 Visions Of Batman Throughout The Ages

The fan art community cannot rest until there is a Batman for every era.

1. The barbarian Batman of 500 BC.

2. The Dark Knight for the Dark Ages.

5. Samurai Batman pursues the ronin Joker in 16th-century Japan.

6. Samurai Batman in his ceremonial attire.

7. Batman: Defender of the Western frontier.

9. Batman and Scarecrow on the late 19th century.

10. Steampunk Batman of an alternate turn-of-the-century Gotham.

11. The Batman of the 1920s


12. The most notorious villains of the 1940s.


13. Rockabilly Batman, the 1950s greaser.


14. Comrade Batman of Soviet-era Russia

15. The world’s greatest detective in 1972.

16. A near-future Batman of the post-apocalyptic plains.

17. The Batman of Gotham 2054.

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