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    17 Visions Of Batman Throughout The Ages

    The fan art community cannot rest until there is a Batman for every era.

    1. The barbarian Batman of 500 BC.

    2. The Dark Knight for the Dark Ages.

    3. Batman of the 14th Century

    4. Batman of Gotham 1459

    ...And his enemies.

    5. Samurai Batman pursues the ronin Joker in 16th-century Japan.

    6. Samurai Batman in his ceremonial attire.

    7. Batman: Defender of the Western frontier.

    8. Victorian Era Batman

    9. Batman and Scarecrow on the late 19th century.

    10. Steampunk Batman of an alternate turn-of-the-century Gotham.

    11. The Batman of the 1920s

    12. The most notorious villains of the 1940s.

    13. Rockabilly Batman, the 1950s greaser.

    14. Comrade Batman of Soviet-era Russia

    15. The world's greatest detective in 1972.

    16. A near-future Batman of the post-apocalyptic plains.

    17. The Batman of Gotham 2054.