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    22 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Could Do

    You probably haven't had a ton of time with your Apple Watch, but even if you have, there are some features you might not know about yet.


    1. Ask Siri to fetch pictures of anything you can think of.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Pull up Siri, and say “Show me pictures of puppies” or whatever else you’re looking for, and she’ll pull up some quick results from Bing.

    2. If you’ve misplaced your phone, you can send a ping from your Apple Watch so your phone makes a loud sound.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Just swipe up on the watch display, and find the control panel screen all the way to the left of your “Glances" screens. Tapping the big button on the bottom will make your phone ping, and holding that button will make your phone both ping and light up.

    3. You can clear all the notifications at once by pushing down hard on the notifications screen.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    The little red dot on your watch face screen indicates that you have missed notifications. If you swipe down and see that you’ve got more notifications than you can handle, you can push down hard to pull up the option to clear all your notifications at once.

    4. You can quickly put your Apple Watch to sleep and send it back to the watch face screen by covering the screen with your palm for a moment.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    5. And if you hold your palm over the screen for several seconds, it will put your Apple Watch into silent mode.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Just hold your palm over the screen until you feel your watch buzz. Now your Apple Watch won’t make any sounds when it sends you notifications.

    6. Enable Handoff to make transitioning from your watch to your phone seamless.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Enable Handoff in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. When you’re doing something on your Apple Watch, and decide it’d be easier on your phone, you’ll see a small icon on the lower left of your lock screen on your phone. Swipe up from that icon, and you’ll pick up right where you left off

    7. You can take screenshots of your Apple Watch display by pressing down on the digital crown and other button at the same time.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    8. You can access Siri just by saying “Hey Siri” or "Hi Siri" into your Apple Watch.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    It also sometimes triggers Siri on other Apple Watches nearby too, so be careful. (Or not.)

    9. You can change the default quick responses using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Just open the Apple Watch app, choose “Messages," and click “Default Replies” to edit or add messages.

    10. You can send your current location to someone by pressing down hard on the messages screen, and selecting “Send Location."

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    11. If you like the look of an analog watch face, but want to see the time at a glance, you can add a small digital readout using the world clock option on several of the faces.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    And if you don’t want the city abbreviation, you can just edit the abbreviation in the Apple Watch app on your phone and replace it with a space.

    12. You can use the Health app on your iPhone to track your heart rate throughout the day.

    dickmilker /

    Use it to check out heart rate spikes during workouts or near death experiences!

    13. Your Apple Watch is able to tell when it is a friend's birthday, and will add in a special quick response option on the special day.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed / Via

    14. Apple included a few animated emoji options in addition to the emojis you’re used to. You can change the animated Apple emojis by scrolling with your digital crown.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    15. You can use Shazam to catalog every song you hear throughout the day.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    In the Shazam app on the Apple Watch, push down hard to enable Auto Shazam. Your watch will now listen for any music, and automatically capture the names of the songs and the artists. You can see a playlist of all the songs your Apple Watch captured in the Shazam app on your phone.

    16. Use your watch to control Spotify on your phone.

    Tanner Ringerud

    Even though there’s no Spotify app for Apple Watch yet, you can still control Spotify from your watch. If you start playing an album or playlist on your phone, you can swipe up from the watch display to access the “Now Playing” glance screen, which you can use to pause, skip songs, or change the volume.

    17. You can transfer a call from your watch to your phone.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Not only can you make and receive calls on your Apple Watch, but when you’re receiving a call, you can scroll down on the digital crown and choose to answer the call on your phone. The caller will be put on hold until you can manage to get your phone out of your purse or pocket to answer.

    18. Set your watch a few minutes fast so you’re never late.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    If you’re the type of person who needs their watch to run a little fast, you can go into the settings on your Apple Watch, choose “Time,” and set your displayed time ahead by a few minutes.

    19. Set your own custom colors for digital sketches.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    When you tap the color selection tool in the top-right corner, push and hold down on one of the preset colors to choose your favorite color from a color wheel.

    20. Have your watch nudge you in the right direction.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    When you’re using the Maps app on your Apple Watch, it will tap your wrist to let you know when you’re supposed to turn. You’ll feel a bzzzt-bzzzt bzzzt-bzzzt when you’re supposed to make a left turn, and a steady bzt-bzt-bzt-bzt when you’re supposed to take a right turn. Then finally one long bzzzzzt when you’ve reached your destination.

    21. Turn your watch into a miniature astronomy lesson.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Using the "Astronomy" watch face, you can spin your digital crown to use your watch as a globe, or check out the phases of the moon, or even see the next time the planets align. Perfect for occultists and anyone who needs to cheat on an Intro to Astronomy exam.

    22. Order a burrito from your wrist.

    Tanner Ringerud / BuzzFeed

    Using the Chipotle app on your Apple Watch, you can order your go-to Chipotle meal with the push of a button. INSTANT BURRITO!

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