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    Anime Without Context Proves Anime Is Absolutely Insane

    As if you needed anymore reason to think that was the case.

    1. This pomegranate is a huge bummer.

    2. Too much information.

    3. Anime characters always have the most profound last words:

    4. Oh no! How slightly inconvenient!

    5. Is that a euphemism?

    6. Is THAT a euphemism?

    7. This guy REALLY loves sweater weather.

    8. Same.

    9. Is this hypothetical? Or is this something I need to be worried about?

    10. I'll take your word for it.

    11. Dog, how did it take you this long to discover clothespins?

    12. Noted.

    13. True love.

    14. And when you say butt afro, you mean... what, exactly?

    15. Stunning.

    16. Cool it, nerd.

    17. Is that a log?

    18. Hell yeah?

    19. Dream big, kid.

    20. If I had a dime every time this happened to me...

    21. ?????

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