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Animals March Madness, Round Two: Otters Vs. Alpacas

Are otters the alpacas of the river, or are alpacas the otters of the field? You decide!

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Here's how voting works: you can choose a winner of each of the five categories below (Cuteness, Congeniality, Talent, Giffability, Evening Wear). One animal will be declared a winner of each category, and whoever wins the most categories wins this round! Please campaign for your animal here in the comments and on Twitter with hashtags #TeamOtter and #TeamAlpaca. May the best animal win!


Otters obviously take this one. I mean, look at this little lady! Her name Haku and she's a 4-month-old White Otter who lives at the Sunshine City Aquarium in Tokyo. She's just about the most adorable thing in the world. There are more pics of Haku here: 7 Pictures Of Haku, Tokyo's Newest Celebrity Otter..

-Tanner Ringerud