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Animals March Madness, Round Two: Otters Vs. Alpacas

Are otters the alpacas of the river, or are alpacas the otters of the field? You decide!

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Here's how voting works: you can choose a winner of each of the five categories below (Cuteness, Congeniality, Talent, Giffability, Evening Wear). One animal will be declared a winner of each category, and whoever wins the most categories wins this round! Please campaign for your animal here in the comments and on Twitter with hashtags #TeamOtter and #TeamAlpaca. May the best animal win!


Otters obviously take this one. I mean, look at this little lady! Her name Haku and she's a 4-month-old White Otter who lives at the Sunshine City Aquarium in Tokyo. She's just about the most adorable thing in the world. There are more pics of Haku here: 7 Pictures Of Haku, Tokyo's Newest Celebrity Otter..

-Tanner Ringerud

Flickr: tcmorgan

NOT SO FAST OTTERS! All alpacas look different, but each one is just as cute as the next. Just look at their smiling faces and try not to squee your heart out.

- Lauren Yapalater



Want to kick back with a cold one? NO PROBLEM! You just relax, otters will grab you a beer. Talk about a polite host.

VERY SOCIAL. This is what you call an Alpaca party. You are the guest of honor, they are waiting for your arrival.


Otters are born ballers. Look at how mad this guy's dunks are. You can check out his whole mix tape here: Inspiring Arthritic Sea Otter Dunks A Basketball Like A Boss.



Look at them play with this human child! OMG!

Look at this silly alpaca try and eat an apple. LOL @ him.


Oh my! Who is that lovely young debutante? OH WAIT! THAT'S AN OTTER. A beautiful, beautiful otter.

Going to a fancy ball but it's COLD outside? Wear your evening scarf, this alpaca knows the look well.

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