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Mar 8, 2013

Animals March Madness, Round One: Otters Versus Lambs

It's time, people. Time to decide: otters or lambs. See the full bracket here, and find out how to vote at the bottom of this post!

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OTTER FACT: This baby otter is EXTREMELY excited to see you!

Thanks for checking out the post! I think you'll find that lambs are pretty cute, but otters are WAY CUTER! Exhibit A: This picture of a baby otter that's just so excited to be alive. Look! He's got his own teddy bear, and it's even bigger than he is! So cute! It's going to be tough for lambs to beat this. -Tanner Ringerud

LAMB FACT: This lamb LOVES that you're here.

Much as I love otters, lambs are far more cuter, bringing more spirit, personality and aww-factor with them.

Exhibit A: This guy, who can even SMILE WITH HIS EYES (aka smize, look it up). He's the embodiment of a pure love. -Scott Lamb

OTTER FACT: Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't float away from each other.


Did you know that? It's so adorable! They're in love! We could learn a lot from otters.

Exhibit B: This video. WATCH!!!

View this video on YouTube

LAMB FACT: Lambs love to talk to people. It makes them HAPPY!

They have so much stuff to say! Like:

You: "Hi, lamb."

Lamb: "You're awesome! Keep it up!"

Exhibit B: This awesome YEAH LAMB

View this video on YouTube

OTTER FACT: Baby otters are VERY ticklish!

Exhibit C: The above GIF. Luckily, if this video is any indication, THEY LOVE BEING TICKLED! It's a win-win for everybody involved.

LAMB FACT: Dogs love lambs.

Exhibit C: The above GIF, in which a spaniel is feeding this poor, cute orphaned baby lamb. The dog is LITERALLY saving this lamb's life, that's how deep the love goes.

OTTER FACT: Otters LOVE to show off how cute their babies are!

Exhibit D: You can almost picture this proud otter mom saying, "Look what I made."

LAMB FACT: Lambs love to boop other lambs or sheep!


Exhibit D: This is among the boops that shook the world.

OTTER FACT: Otters LOVE Valentine's Day. / Via

Exhibit E: This otter at SeaWorld got his trainer a special Valentine's Day gift. Their little hearts are full of love!

LAMB FACT: Lambs have the ability to hover a few feet above the ground, for a max of eight seconds.

Exhibit E: They mostly do it when humans are nearby, because they know you want to take a cool picture of a mid-air lamb.

OTTER FACT: Otters LOVE to make you laugh!


Exhibit F: Look at this otter hamming it up! He just wants to put a smile on your face.

LAMB FACT: Lambs LOVE to make you smile.

Exhibit F: This lamb's just trying to tell you, "Everything's going to be OK!"

OTTER FACT: Otters are really good at spotting containers of ice.

Exhibit G:

You: "Hey, otter, where'd I put that container of ice?"

Otter: "Here it is."

LAMB FACT: Lambs are really good at frolicking.

Exhibit G: Admit it, it was worth scrolling.

Voting is now closed.

Otters win! More to come – keep track of it all here.

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