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16 New York City Airbnbs That Are Almost Too Nice To Be Real

Not exactly an authentic New York experience, but who cares?

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1. 2-floor warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - $1400/night

Sure, that might sound a little pricey. But, when you consider that it's two whole floors of a building, and that the listing claims that the place can accommodate 16 people, it starts to seem pretty reasonable.

2. 3-bedroom apartment with private roof deck on Gramercy Park - $400/night

3. Full floor loft near Union Square - $1650/night

There are people in this city living in 1 bedroom, 5th-floor walkups with no windows, and a 45-minute commute to Union Square. This is just absurd.


4. 19th century penthouse in Harlem - $245/night

You could open up a fancy home and garden magazine and not find anything this rich and beautiful. Plus, at $245 a night, it's at least kinda affordable.

5. Williamsburg apartment with private backyard and convertible indoor/outdoor space - $195/night

This beautiful apartment features a sun room equipped with a full-size garage door that allows access to a private backyard. Also, it's close to parks along the East River, and apparently it's a RESTORED SEA CAPTAIN'S HOUSE.

6. 2-Bedroom loft in the heart of Soho - $599/night

A 1,500 sq. foot loft with a private elevator right in the heart of New York City. Nobody should allowed to have that much square footage. It's obscene.

7. Luxury duplex in Williamsburg with private yard - $250/night

This 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom duplex looks great, but it's that huge, private backyard that really sells the place.


8. 3,000 square foot loft in Soho - $400

This apartment is 3,000 square feet, which is perfect if you're looking for somewhere to crash while you're downtown, or if you want somewhere to park your zeppelin while you're in town.

9. Huge 4-bedroom townhouse in Midtown - $1000/night

10. 2-bedroom, 2-floor apartment on Museum Row - $199/night

This apartment is full of rich, dark woods and interesting artifacts, like the 12 lighted globes throughout the house and collection of top hats. And it's steps away from many of New York's finest museums, so you'll feel pretty bougie staying here.


11. Designer Soho Loft - $350/night

It's like if a Pinterest board were an actual place that you could rent by the night and sleep in.

12. Lower East Side loft with panoramic views of the city - $1500/night

The listing for this place boasts views of the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, and the East River. Not bad.

13. 3-floor penthouse in the Flatiron District - $850/night


14. Sprawling loft apartment in Soho - $500/night

This place has beautiful hardwood floors, colorful artistic accents, and enough beds to sleep six people. It also happens to be in one of Manhattan's chicest neighborhoods, so who knows how much time you'd actually spend indoors.

Look at this place. It looks like it was designed by M.C. Escher. Plus, it's got a private rooftop patio, which just feels like their rubbing it in.

16. Hudson River mansion 30 minutes from Times Square - $1500/night

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