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    33 People Who Define The Word Regret

    So much can go so wrong so quickly.

    1. These Globetrotters who need to work on their trick shots.

    2. This bandwagon rider who will probably just skip the next World Cup.

    3. This guy who insisted he could load the truck in just one trip.

    4. This daring escape artist that was a little lacking on the daring.

    5. This guy who wanted to put on a show and achieved his objectives.

    6. This guy who DEFINITELY has time to reach out and adjust the wiper.

    7. This woman who realized that extreme push-ups were not, in fact, better than regular push-ups.

    8. This track and field dropout.

    9. This grandstanding graduate whose vertical leap isn’t as high as he thought it’s be.

    10. This kid who will never be mistaken for Tony Hawk.

    11. This guy who both took up and gave up paint-balling all on the same day.

    12. This domino artist who had no choice but to sit back and watch days of work crumble around him.

    13. This backpacker who could not have messed this up more.

    14. These girls who don’t have bright futures as physicists.

    15. This guy who’s never going to volunteer to go on a coffee run again.

    16. This camera man who’s not getting his next couple paychecks.

    17. This guy who decided that maybe it was okay to be late to that meeting after all.

    18. This prankster who became the prankstee.

    19. This kid who learned a hard lesson about target fixation.

    20. This wrestler who just invented the least impressive move of all time.

    21. This overloaded traveller who just gives up and accepts his fate.

    22. This pushy woman who falls prey to an everyday hero.

    23. This guy who doesn’t know why he let hit buddies drag him along for this fishing trip.

    24. This groom who realizes he chose the wrong person to be his best man.

    25. This kid who has formed a life-long fear of llamas.

    26. This woman who realizes in retrospect that this plan worked way better on paper.

    27. This fan of strong girls.

    28. This guy who didn’t get explicit consent to be photographed with this cat.

    29. This guy who knows he never should have signed up for the field crew.

    30. This guy who is thinking that it’s not actually too warm for a jacket after all.

    31. This genius who couldn’t figure out why nobody else was going up the shoulder.

    32. This taxi driver who is never going to cut off a bicycle again.

    33. And of course, ANYONE who gets invited to a Brony meet up.

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