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24 Kids Who Are Wise Beyond Their Years

Take notes.

1. This confirmed bachelor.

2. Frankie, who knows what he's about and won't apologize for it.

3. This kid, who knows when to stand his ground.

4. This future reality cooking show judge.

5. Catherine, the Master of Assassins.

6. Brendan, who might actually be a robot. It's hard to say.

7. This girl who really knows how to deliver a threat.

8. Ashley, who's clearly doing something to bring all the boys to the yard.

9. Annisa, who's tired of the Tooth Fairy's runaround.

10. This literal-minded kid who reminds you not to ask stupid questions.

11. This kid who's clearly being raised right.

12. This kid, who won't negotiate with terrorists (or parents).

13. This kid who speaks from the heart. And by heart, I mean butt.

14. Ryan, who demands to be taken seriously.

15. This girl who knows not to over-commit.

16. Joyce, who's through playing games with the big man.

17. This kid who's too sad and too hungry to love.

18. This kid who knows the best way to tear someone down is to build them up first.

19. This kid who had better get what he wants for Christmas, or heads are gonna roll.

20. Julian, who doesn't like to be told what to do.

21. This kid, who's just saying. *Sips tea*

22. This kid who did a good job summing up human psychology.

23. This kid who knows that the easiest way to get ahead is to take shortcuts.

24. Scott, who won't apologize for who he is.

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