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33 '90s Trends That, In Retrospect, Maybe Weren't Such A Great Idea

Mistakes were made.

1. No Fear shirts.

You were a 13-year-old kid from the suburbs. Who were you trying to intimidate?

2. T-shirts with Looney Toons characters in typical '90s attire.

3. JNCO jeans with 50" leg openings.

4. Wearing golf visors when you weren't golfing.

5. Light-up LA Gears.

6. Turning your jeans into DIY bell bottoms.

7. Starter jackets.

Now you can look like your favorite nerdy, 50-year-old special teams coach.

8. Baja hoodies.

9. Big Johnson shirts.

Nobody is buying it. Your voice hasn't even broken yet, dude.

10. Bucket hats / bucket hats with Surge logos.

Oh my god, this was such a mistake. This was such a mistake.

11. Chaining our Mossimo wallets to our pants.

12. Peace Frog shirts

13. Anything the company Bugle Boy ever made.

14. Bowl cuts.

15. Parting our stupid bowl cuts right down the center.

16. Hard Rock Cafe shirts.

Oh cool. You went to Tampa Bay with your parents.

17. Baggy shorts that went down to our shins, leaving a useless amount of leg exposed.

18. Anything with a Stüssy logo on it.

19. Brightly colored raver gear.

20. Dressing in goth attire as though we were all cast in The Craft.

21. Coed Naked shirts.

22. Chunky-heeled high-top sneakers.

23. Wearing your hat backward then pulling a little tuft of hair through the opening.

24. Wearing overalls over just one shoulder.

Listen, wearing overalls was a questionable choice in the first place, but this is just abuse.

25. Big Dog shirts.

26. Wearing too much CK One.

27. Tons of those little butterfly clips all over your head.

28. Jeans with the waistband cut off so that the zipper was the only way to keep them up.

29. Wearing multiple hemp bracelets.

30. Hypercolor shirts.

31. Patterned Vests.

32. Big, goofy hats.

To hide our big, goofy hair, I suppose.

33. Tying your sweatshirt around your waist in case you get cold, but then wearing a long-sleeve flannel regardless.