31 Beautiful Hidden Rooms And Secret Passages

Q: Why would anyone want to keep such beautiful spaces a secret? A: Because secret rooms are awwwweeesooome.

1. A child’s dresser that opens up into a secret playroom:

2. A hidden room behind a bookshelf in Steamboat Springs, Colorado:

3. The offices of Steelhead Partners has a hidden pub:

4. This child’s wardrobe opens up into their own Narnia play room:

5. Ed Skoudis’s home office hidden behind a gothic bookcase:

6. A personal office space hidden inside a personal office space:

7. A concealed bookshelf door into a basement space:

8. Secret passageway built into functional cabinets:

9. Secret gun safe built into a beautiful bookshelf for discreet gun owners:

10. The Modern Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii hides its lobby bar behind a giant bookshelf:

11. A library that extends beyond its shelves:

12. A hidden play room behind a toy shelf:

13. A bookshelf that rotates to reveal a hidden den:

14. Beautiful old bookshelf passage:

15. Bookshelf compartment that opens to reveal a hidden dining area:

16. Holly Black’s Hidden Library:

17. A beautiful day bed hidden in a closet:

18. Sunny reading room hidden behind a bookshelf:

20. Bookshelf passage in the Lake Wenatchee House in Portland, Oregon:

21. Cozy, carpeted reading nook:

22. Concealed spiral staircase to a hidden second level:

23. Play nook hidden away from living room:

24. Kid’s rooms connected by hidden passage:

25. Hidden play room in a child’s bedroom:

26. Converted alcove under a staircase:

27. Cozy guest bed tucked under an eave:

28. Child’s reading room hidden behind toy shelves:

29. Guest bedroom hidden behind a wall of books:

30. A wine cellar hidden by a tasteful wine display:

31. A cozy reading nook inside a rotunda of books:

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