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    24 Times Quotation Marks Totally “Changed” The Meaning

    Needless quotation marks "always" make things easier to understand.

    1. I'll take 3 grams of your finest "candy."

    2. I think I'll take my business elsewhere, thanks.

    3. This is "great" for morale.

    4. Nothing is more motivating than subtle emasculation.

    5. I guess it's better than the quotation marks being around "sausage."

    6. *wink* Ah! Gotcha! *pulls out penis* *gets arrested*

    7. I think I "get" what you're "saying."

    8. That's a good deal, but I'm eating all I can, I want to know what it really is first.

    9. This is perfect for the "diet" I'm on.

    10. Dear Penthouse Forum...

    11. You don't want to know what it was before it was "chili."

    12. This feels like a pretty insensitive way to tell your daughter she’s adopted.

    13. That’s not even a real holiday.

    14. Accurate.

    15. His "medical license" was issued by an "accredited" university.

    16. Sorry, not sorry.

    17. I'll admit, I'm pretty curious about this one.

    18. I feel like these fire fighters are sending mixed messages.

    19. Arby’s should probably think twice about mocking people for choosing to eat there.

    20. Yeah, I need to cancel my skydiving appointment.

    21. Gross.

    22. I don’t get how masturbating will help during an emergency, but if you say so.

    23. Honestly? I don’t love any part of this sign.

    24. Of course, leaving the quotation marks off can also have negative consequences. Especially if you’re Pavarotti.

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