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21 Signs You Threw One Helluva Party Last Night

Not that you'd remember.

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1. You felt the need to put this sign up:

2. A dude dressed as shadow showed up and photobombed every picture:

3. Some guy named Candy woke up in your house and cleaned the place:

4. You wake up to find a backhoe scoop in your shower:

5. Someone stole your doorknob because they thought it was a muffin:

6. You wake up with this trophy by your bed:

7. You find this lunch that you drunkenly packed for yourself last night:

8. You find someone sleeping in your bushes the next day:

9. And on some pool tools in the backyard:

10. You find all these alarms that you set for yourself last night:

11. Your bar receipts all look like this:

12. You ordered two pizzas. Both of them half-cheese, half-pepperoni. Think about that for a second:

13. ...And ask the delivery guy to pick you up some McDonald's in the "special instructions" section:

14. Your friends and family invite you to the world's worst flashmob:

15. Also, this seemed like a good end-of-evening snack:

16. You find this photo on your phone:

17. Even Google Maps knows about your parties:

18. You texted yourself to make sure you got home okay:

19. You and your friends found innovative new ways to drink:

20. You get a cake like this the next day:

21. You find one of these still cooling in your oven in the morning:

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