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21 #maddenGIFERATOR GIFs For Every Situation

If you haven’t played with the Madden GIFerator yet, you're in for a treat.

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1. The new #maddenGIFERATOR meme, also called #football meme, is the hot new way to say exactly what you’re thinking...

2. You can use them for just about everything, like announcing new memes:

3. Telling someone to calm down:

4. Calling someone on their un-kawaii attitude:

5. Reminding some nerd that they’re trash:

6. Expressing excitement:

7. Expressing angst:

8. Announcing your student council candidacy:

9. Bailing on a scary situation:

10. Expressing your love of dance:

11. Getting parental permission:

12. Championing men’s rights:

13. Declaring your interests, or lack thereof:

14. Making dad jokes:

15. Effortlessly upsetting entire fandoms:

16. Starting a game of “the floor is lava”:

17. Disproving someone’s point:

18. Correcting others’ grammar:

19. Correcting your dad’s grammar:

20. And stating your stance on dogs, and whether or not you want to pet them. (You do.)

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