20 Reasons You Shouldn't Date Men Who Wear Fedoras

    Friends don't let friends date people who wear fedoras.

    1. They are bad boys.

    2. They're too nice.

    3. They spend too much time on Reddit.

    4. They have conservative stances on gender roles in relationships... Oh, also, WAY too into My Little Pony.

    5. They're misogynists.

    6. They're violent.

    7. They don't brush their teeth.

    8. They hate people who are overweight.

    9. They take advantage of drunk women.

    10. They're into steampunk.

    11. They spend a lot of time wondering about totally meaningless things.

    12. They don't believe in evolution.

    13. They only eat at Denny's.

    14. They're probably racist.

    15. They can never do without their fedoras.

    16. They're not into the club scene.

    17. They're probably pretty homophobic.

    18. They're so unremarkable, that people only notice their hat when they meet them.

    19. They have questionable ideas about consent.

    20. They're always stuck in the friend zone.