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19 Medical Emergencies Only Yahoo Answers Can Help You With

Seriously, don't even bother calling a doctor. They'll just get the police involved, and then NOTHING will get solved.

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1. I'm actually not sure there is a better way.

2. Oof, That's gonna hurt coming out, James.

3. Asking for a friend.

4. Maybe you should trim your nails more often, No Nip Steve.

5. This is actually a really good question.

6. What WON'T kids stick up their butts these days?

7. I don't think the question asker totally understood the "best answer."

8. Erica is essentially calling for belly button homicide. Monster.

9. We've all been there before.

10. Your doctor is working with the belly button people!

11. You're DEFINITELY going to want to sue Burger King. Call a lawyer immediately.

12. Jeez, I hope they're made up. Skeletons scare the hell out of me.

13. This actually happens to a lot of 30-year-old Indian men.

14. This is actually how people get pregnant. Congrats, Gerald! You're going to be a mother.

15. Either you're turning into the Lorax, or you've got a liver disorder. It's probably the Lorax thing though, so don't worry too much.

16. Sadly, there's no way to be certain. Source: I'm a doctor.

17. You can't fault his logic.

18. Bronyism is terminal. Sorry.

19. Details are VERY important on this one.

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