11 Reasons Wonder Woman Is The Real Star Of The Justice League

Wonder Woman for president of everything.

1. She’s a woman of the people.

DC Entertainment / laughterkey.com

2. One of her superpowers is to literally call people on their bullshit.

DC Entertainment / jaimegreen.net

3. She’s the greatest teammate. If you’re on a team with her, she thinks of you and treats you like a god.

DC Entertainment / cityeatspudding.tumblr.com

4. She’s pretty good at flirting. Or anti-flirting, maybe.

DC Entertainment / cityeatspudding.tumblr.com

5. She knows the only good way to order a fucking ice cream cone is by sword point.

DC Entertainment / cityeatspudding.tumblr.com

6. And despite being a goddess, she reacts to ice cream the same way we all do.

DC Entertainment / cityeatspudding.tumblr.com

7. She’s not going to put up with Green Lantern’s shit. (Neither is Superman.)

Via DC Entertainment / cityeatspudding.tumblr.com

8. See this dude? He’s Darkseid. He’s pretty much the baddest dude. Flash can’t beat him

DC Entertainment / comics.tumblr.com

9. Shazam can’t beat him. (Or even get his name right.)

DC Entertainment / monsieurdangereux.tumblr.com

10. Green Lantern can’t beat him.

DC Entertainment / madeupmonkeyshit.tumblr.com

11. Wonder Woman?

DC Entertainment / wonderwomantv.tumblr.com

No fucking problem.

DC Entertainment / xecra.tumblr.com

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