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    40 Pictures That Are More Satisfying Than Naps, Cleaning, And Sex All At Once

    I need a moment.

    1. This photo of a snake sticking to the gaps between patio bricks is the best photo of a snake you'll probably ever see.

    2. These fluffy pancakes are too perfect to eat. They belong in a museum.

    3. I have never been and will never be as comfortable as this owl who fits perfectly into his cozy little owl hole.

    4. If all snow could be this aesthetically pleasing I really wouldn't mind snow as much.

    5. Another submission for the perfect foods museum. (That's a thing, right?)

    6. Whoever took the time to do this, I applaud you.

    7. Who cares if the medium is dead and everyone has switched to streaming services? This is still worth appreciating.

    8. This glass could not be more perfectly designed. It's breathtaking.

    9. It's always comforting to find your perfect place in the world.

    10. I don't even need the pills anymore. The symmetry alone has healed me.

    11. There's only one reason these Tetris-shaped tater tots even exist, and this is it:

    12. Looks as good as I'm sure it tastes.

    13. Honestly, if I had this bag of watermelon in my fridge, I wouldn't even eat it. I'd just leave it right in the front and show it off to whoever came over to my house.

    14. They were probably all sliced from these watermelons.

    15. Listen, flowers are already pretty great. But this one? Possibly the greatest of all time.

    16. Now that's a check mark to be proud of. If I had made that thing, I would have set it as my profile picture on Facebook.

    17. Oh, forget the check mark. LOOK AT THE CIRCLE AROUND THE "A."

    18. It's moments like this one where you're reminded that there's still beauty in this world.

    19. I'm seriously considering hiring a contractor to redo my kitchen sink so that the faucet perfectly flows right into the drain like this. I'll spare no expense.

    20. The ripples on this lake are unreal. Those are some video game–level ripples.

    21. Someone should build a room where this photo is projected on all four walls so that we can all just live there inside this perfect image.

    22. An apple hasn't looked this tempting and perfect since the Garden of Eden.

    23. I don't care if they're edible, toxic, or "magic," there's no way I'm NOT putting these mushrooms in my mouth.

    24. How's that perfect foods museum coming along? Are we making progress? Because these exhibits are starting to pile up a bit.

    25. It's almost a shame that you need to smash it into your face now, isn't it.

    26. This rock is almost too round. Kinda freaky, really. Kinda freaks me out to look at it.

    27. "I'll protect you, frost!" —This tree

    28. If something as boring as the standard sticky note can be made into something beautiful, there's hope for all of us.

    29. I don't know if this is something you eat or something you hang in a gallery, but I'll take it!

    30. Damn, nature! You did this all by yourself?!

    31. Okay, this one is man-made, but still very impressive.

    32. And we're right back to nature being impressive! Damn, nature!

    33. This one is kind of a team effort. Good work, everyone!

    34. Unclear who's to credit for this one. Let's tentatively give half credit to both nature and humanity.

    35. This crystal-clear water is great for people who want a good Instagram photo, but it's terrible for fish that don't want to be caught.

    36. Okay, okay, okay...forget about the perfect foods museum. Let's do a perfect animals museum instead!

    37. Wait, sorry. Is it too late to do perfect flowers instead?

    38. Starting to see the appeal of living in a big city.

    39. Actually, forget that. I'll take the countryside.

    40. How's progress on that perfect animals museum coming along?