• Both are Pisces.

  • Both went through messy divorces as children.

  • Both have videos on Youtube with multiple millions of views.

  • Neither have had songs featured on “Glee” yet.

    This is the track listing for the 2nd season of Glee so far, as you can see from this and the list from season 1, Justin and Kurt are nowhere to be found.

  • Both are tragically misunderstood by society.

  • They both yawn sometimes.

  • Similar lyrics.

    Take a look at the lyrics from Smells Like Teen Spirit and Overboard. They’re both metaphors about going overboard. They’re practically the same thing. SO DEEP!

  • Both have won VMA awards.

  • Both have middle names that start with “D”.

    Kurt Donald Cobain and Justin Drew Bieber.