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10 Strange Fetishes Tame Enough For YouTube

Some fetishes are sneaky. They are so weird and non-sexual, that they can be uploaded to YouTube and "enjoyed" by anyone. Enjoyed probably isn't the right word.

  • 1. Belly Button Torture

    "that just turned me on, i just jizzed in my pants! Post more! Your bellybutton is hot! Try posting one when your fingering it. That would make me really hard and bust a load." -MinnhTOOO

  • 2. Regression (aka Adult Babies)

    "There's so much more to being an adult-baby than just pooping or peeing and focusing on nappies." -Lobotomyu

  • 3. Furries

    "im a black wolf that is what my fursuit is we should hook up but were a different species wolf and cat don't belong but it would not hurt to date." -furryone66

  • 4. Crushing

    "could you crush some fruits with this heels?" -ATIst87

  • 5. Spitting

    "im hard as fuck right now!!" -tramplebyagirlfetish

  • 6. Noseplay

    "I want nose job ohhhhhhhhhh yea" -morewi

  • 7. Overeating

    "That cake looked good. :)" -jamieA1A

  • 8. Hairy Armpits

    "not gonna lie. boner." -LordHines420

  • 9. Pedal Pushing

    "I love those platform flip flops, I would love her to step on my hand and fingers like that crush thenm under her soles" -soccercleatscrush

  • 10. Gut Flopping

    "I think this confuses EVERYONE,
    Is this abuse or is it like..
    supposed to be sexy?
    I feel bad for him."