10 “Firefly” References On “Castle” That You May Have Missed

Firefly was never cancelled, they just changed the name to Castle.

1. The time Castle dressed as a “space cowboy”:


2. The “I was aiming for his head” gag:


3. And the “you better run” gag:


4. Name-dropping the Serenity:

(As we all know, the ship from Firefly is called Serenity.)

5. Also a ‘shiny’ drop:

6. Wonder where Castle learned Mandarin?

(For those who don’t speak Mandarin, that translates to:)

7. There was the time Castle didn’t get the appeal of an old sci-fi show:


Which sounds pretty familiar…

8. Adam Baldwin’s appearance on Castle can’t have been a coincidence:


9. Especially after this very conspicuous scene involving a brown coat:

10. And finally, there were these blue-handed signals from Castle:

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