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Which Member Of Crissey 207 Are You?

The question everyone's been asking (including us)!!

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  1. What's the give away that you've had a few drinks?

    Trying to get Elias to love you
    We don't know, you already ran down the street
    Nicer than usual? But still pretty mean
    Just an amplified version of yourslef
    Touching everyone in sight
    Crazy eyes
  2. How do you work up a healthy sweat?

    There's some loose weights floating around somewhere in my room
    Night Walking
    Also... Jazzercise
  3. Where do you get your clothes?

    My mom got it and didn't want it
    Thrift Store
    I only have 7 shirts
    I have a closet full of clothes but I wear the same 3 outfits
    Urban Outfitters
  4. What state is your room usually in?

    Usually spotless until you open my closet
    I've been known to share half the bed with my clothing
    Well my half of the room is usually clean...
    My bed is clean but I've also had a spilled plant on the ground for 3 days
    Who know's, my door is never open
    No ones ever seen my room not looking impeccable
  5. What's your drink of choice?

    Whatever the cheapest thing on the shelf is
    Anything I can make into a "fancy" mixed drink
    Doesn't really matter, I only need 1 drink to get drunk
    100 Proof
  6. What's your favorite free time activity?

    Laying in bed and being a shmuck
    Playing around with my makeup
    Scaring my suite mates
    "Trying" a new DIY
    Wasting away in the lib
    I'm in too many clubs to have free time
  7. What food in the Caf gets you going?

    I don't care what's there, I'm just happy to be in the Caf
    I'm gonna complain unless it's Taco Tuesday
    Any kind of seafood
    Some well seasoned tofu
  8. What's usually playing on your screen?

    A show thats been off air for at least 5 years ago
    Probably a trashy YouTuber
    Gilmore Girls or Law and Order SVU
    Something Scary
    Mostly videos of cats
    Just a whole lot of movies
  9. What's your morning routine?

    Spending time on my makeup
    Get ready for ballet
    Waking up five minutes before my class starts
    Sitting down with my yogurt and coffee
    Getting up early... But to study
    Who knows, my door is closed
  10. What's your ideal sleeping condition?

    Throwing all my decorative pillows on the ground
    Not in my own bed ;)
    Window wide open freezing up the suite
    Fully submerged under my blanket, I like to be hot
    I like to go to bed early
    As long as I'm pants-less who cares
  11. What's your catchphrase?

    "Oh my mama"
    "Why are you telling me this, I don't care"
    "I just need to process this out loud"
    "Hey, kids!"
    "Um, I have a boyfriend"
    "But, Elias!!!"
  12. Where would you most want to study abroad?

  13. Where are you most likely to be found in the summer?

    Hanging on the East Coast
    Studying for those MCATS
    Princess Impersonator (Fingers crossed!!!)
    Party City!!!
    CHEWONKI!! The best summer camp on earth
    Working at my favorite place on earth, the movie theatre

Which Member Of Crissey 207 Are You?

You got: Anne

Even though you're the shmuck of the suite, you have a heart of gold. Also your hair gets greasy when it rains.

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You got: Rachel

You're sassy, smart, and confident. Even though we can't always find you amongst the mess that is your room, when we do we're always happy to see you. Also you have a boyfriend.

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You got: Elias

You're definitely the meanest in the suite but it only makes everyone want your approval more. Wait seriously, why do we put up with this?

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You got: Kate

You are there to lend a helping hand. You always have a joke up your sleeve, but sometimes they're only funny to you, like when you gave your roommates a banner of your face as a going away present.

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You got: Erin

Although you're usually wasting away in the library, when you make an appearance you light up the room. People are always impressed by your large brain and your bendy body.

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You got: Shivani

You're the doctor of the suite. You're identified by your large heart and your even larger collection of face masks.

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