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6 Reasons Why Sons Of Anarchy Is Still An Amazing Show

Son's Of Anarchy has been my favorite show for 5 years now. My husband and I are currently re-watching the series for the 5th or so time. It never gets old.

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5. The Music

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The whole series is filled with amazing music. Battleme's "Hey hey, my my" is one of my favorites mostly because it shows Tara alone in the house watching Abel as Clay, Tig, Juice, Jax, Bobby, and Happy are being taken to Prison. This is where I really start to feel for Tara.

4. Juice, Happy, & Tig

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The antics of each of these guys gives the show some comedic features.

Favorite Juice Moment-When Juice takes the sleeping pills that Tig used to knock out the cops and wakes up with a sign stapled to his chest and says "I'm not sure what... I gotta go. I'm late for my 8 0'clock feeding."

Favorite Happy Moment-When the prospect says that Gemma can be difficult, Jax asks if he is afraid of her and Happy says "We all are."

Favorite Tig Moment-The way he acts when he meets Venus Van Dam.

2. The Messed Up Parts

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Not only does the show start out with Wendy, 8 months pregnant and injecting herself with Meth, Opie's wife gets murdered by Tig (ordered by Clay), then it moves on to Abel being kidnapped, it ends with Jax killing his mother and then himself because Gemma killed Tara. The show touches on subjects that can be hard to stomach, but they do it perfectly.

1. Jax Teller-Need I Say More?


Seriously though, whether you're male or female you love Jax Teller. He's everything. He's tough, he cares about everyone, he has morals, and come on, he's attractive. (Don't tell my husband I said that. ;))

All in all, Son's of Anarchy is amazing. (I don't say that lightly.) It's one of the best shows of all times and perfect for binging while you wait for the new seasons of Shameless or 13 Reasons Why to hit Netflix

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