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42 Questions You Start Asking Yourself After Thirty

You're 30! Here is a list of perfectly normal, totally legit questions that could maybe, potentially cross your mind now that you've joined the over-30 club.

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1. Am I doing life right?

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2. What does 30 really look like anyway? I'm wearing a romper!

3. Is it my eyes? Do my eyes look 30?

4. Will my knees start to hurt now?

5. On a scale of zero to "not at all," how much do I actually care?

6. Should I take up a hobby like sewing? Or cats?

7. Do I have a 401(k)?

8. Really? I was smart enough to do that? Is there any money in it?

9. Can I cash it out and move to a far away island? Would my parents kill me?

10. Is this third glass of wine going to ruin my life come tomorrow?

11. Am I too old to read these YA novels?

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12. Does the hashtag #ThisIsThirty ever get old?

13. What is Snapchat?

14. How can someone that is refusing to respond to a text immediately favorite a tweet?

15. How can anyone NOT KNOW who the Golden Girls are?

16. Should I like babies now?

17. Am I the only one without a baby?

18. Have all my friends actually just turned into babies?

19. Are my friends trying to make me go bankrupt with all these weddings?

20. Why do I need to attend a first birthday party?

21. Will I still be friends with these people when I get married?

22. When do I learn how to apply lipstick without looking in a mirror?

23. Is this the year I take my makeup off EVERY NIGHT before bed?

24. Should I start using concealer? Is concealer foundation? When does the primer go on?! HALP!

25. Where did these neck wrinkles come from? Is this just my neck now?

26. How many creams are too many creams to put on your face?

27. Should I learn to cook?

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28. Should I freeze my eggs? Is that really a thing?

29. Should I actually go out on a Tuesday night?

30. Is this the job I thought I would have by now?

31. Missed 30 under 30 but is it still possible to make 40 under 40?

32. Will I ever have enough money to own property?

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33. Should I be saving up for a down payment on something? How do I do that?

34. How does anyone ever have that much money?

35. How does anyone decide to stay in the same place for forever?

36. Am I my mother? Oh god, I'm my mother!

37. Is it still OK to spend $15 on T-shirts?

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38. Should I still wear T-shirts? Should I wear ~blouses~ now?

39. What about skinny jeans?

40. Are certain stores completely off the table!? AHHH, FASHION.

41. Is it OK to still have a roommate? What if I have a roommate until I'm 40?

42. What is this music? Is it possible to get exhausted from trying to pretend I know what band this is?

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