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12 Anti-Aging Treatments You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Bird poop? Say what? It's 2015 — let's take inventory of all the crazy things that exist in the name of beauty.

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4. The Bird Poo Facial

Oh yeah — you read that right. What started back in 17th-century Japan still happens today. They aren't just any old droppings though — they're from a special bird on a special island off Japan named Kyushu. Maybe the rarity is what makes this OK... Maybe?

...and Rubbing It Over Your Face Treatment

A spotless complexion was very important back in the Middle Ages, so much so that they went around licking and rubbing rocks on their faces. Does it lose its effectiveness if you clean it first?

11. The Oxygen Mask

You breathe in oxygen to live, so why not pump it directly onto your face to stay young and beautiful? The results only last approximately seven days, though — but you're not busy, right? Add this standing appointment every Monday.

12. The Kitty Litter Facial

WARNING: This is not a reason to go put your cat's kitty litter on your face. Please sit back down and continue reading.

This was most likely created by some poor fashionista who realized the only real ingredient in all-natural kitty litter is bentonite, which is used in a lot of fancy clay facials at fancy clay salons.

People do some crazy things in the name of beauty. Stop the madness! Start over with Avon ANEW.

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