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    It's World Environment Day! Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Show Our Planet Some Love

    Nobody is too little to make a change

    First thing first, what is global warming?

    We all know that plastic is so cheap and colorful and convenient, that's why so many things around us are made from plastic ! But that doesn't mean that plastic is good for the environment AND for our health! Mostly plastics are made out of fossil fuels - that's why they're so cheap! - and that means that when plastic is made or break down, it will release green house gases into the air, same as when we turn on the engine of our car or when factories starts "working", ect. These green house gases will "fly" higher and higher, until it reaches the atmostphere and got stuck there. Then, when the sunlight reaches our earth, which brings us heat and light, the green house gases will trap the heat into our planet, which makes it warmer. But too much of a gift is a bane, everyday we keep on releasing more and more green house gases into the air, which makes our planet keep getting hotter and hotter! Soon, the icecaps starts to melt and the sea level raises higher. That's why we have to take action and try to release less green house gases into the air before it's too late!

    1.Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

    + REDUCE the amount of plastics that go into your trashcan

    + Switch to REUSEable items instead of single-use plastic ones. Ex: You can use fabric bags or paper bags for your grocery shoppings instead of plastic ones

    + Sort your trash into the compost bin and the RECYCLE bin, don't forget to wash all the recyclable trash before throwing them in!

    2. Do NOT pour fat into the sink!!!

    If you have some excess fat or oil after preparing food, DON'T pour it straight into your sink! Instead, take a bag or a jar, pour it in and throw it into your dustbin.

    3. You might not want your leftovers anymore, but your plants does!

    If you have any leftovers or food scraps that you want to throw away, compost it instead! Don't forget to put it seperately from the other trash!

    4. Zero-waste challenge!

    Try to take on a zero-waste challenge! Don't worry,I'm not asking you to throw literally NOTHING away, instead, try and reduce as little waste as possible. The best way to do this is to try and put all your trash in a long time into 1 glass jar. Start with one week first, and see if you can stretch the time into 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 month or even a YEAR!

    5. Make better choices

    Are you making the right choice when shopping? Before you buy something, consider " Do I really need it? Can I replace it with something else instead?" ; "Is it good for the environment? Is it recyclable?" and most importantly, " Does it comes in with a lot of packaging?" If it does, try looking for some replacement with less packaging!

    6. Take action!

    Did you know that the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch - which contains a lot of trash - is roughly 3 times bigger than France? That's right! Three times bigger! And not only in the ocean, there are plenty of trash on the seashores and beaches, which might cause some damage for sea animals. To help improve this situation, you can find and sign up for beach clean-up activities around your local area or any project that can help saving the earth, such as Eco-bricks, ect.

    7. Refuse - Repair - Rethink

    + REFUSE plastic cutlery, cups, ect. when ordering takeouts or eating outside, bring your own instead

    + Don't throw your old/broken stuff away! Try to REPAIR them or donate them instead

    + RETHINK when you go shopping (mentioned in #5)

    8. Upcycle

    Did you know that ony 9% of plastic get recycled each year? That means that the other 91% ends up in landfill! That's why it's better to avoid plastic in the first place. If you have some single-use plastic product or something that's too broken too use anymore, try upcycling it! Feel free to get creative!

    9. Use public transport

    If you prefer driving your own car to taking the bus, and so does your friends and neighbours, that means there will be more cars on the road! More green house gases! Instead, if you take the bus, and if everyone else also do that, it will make a big change!

    10. Spread the message

    Okay, I really appreciate that you read all the contents above. Now that you know how important it is to protect our planet, you can spread the message so that everyone around you also know about it, you can start by convincing your family or friends or you can even give a presentation at school/work! All that I'm trying to say is, if more people take part in cleaning up the planet, the result would be great!