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30 Pinoy Instagram Accounts That'll Add Beauty To Your Feed

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1. Pepe Diokno / Via

The 27-year-old film director, writer, and producer chronicles thought-provoking art and scenes from his life and travels.

2. Kermit Tesoro / Via

The quirky high heels of this Pinoy fashion and costume designer are a personal favorite of Lady Gaga's.

3. Xyza Cruz Bacani / Via

Bacani's photographs depict humans rights violations against domestic workers — and she was a domestic worker herself. The New York Times' Lens blog and other international publications have featured her work. She recently got a Magnum Foundation Human Rights Fellowship to study at New York University and is now chronicling her adventures in New York City.

4. Edric Chen / Via

Chen is a Manila-based portrait photographer who captures raw emotion in his edgy black-and-white photos on Instagram.

5. Alexa Valiente / Via

Also a fashion street blogger, Valiente proves that Filipinas are stylish AF even outside the homeland.

6. Isabelle Laureta / Via

Laureta is a Bulacan-based BuzzFeed contributor extradorinaire by day and amazing painter and illustrator by night. Check out more of her wonderful watercolor calligraphy here.

7. Jeff Llarena / Via

Jeff, along with his wife Lisa, captures beautiful Filipino couples in all their brown-skinned glory.

8. Lisa Llarena / Via

And on their days off, Lisa still manages to take beautiful photos that are a glimpse into the adorable family life of the Llarenas.

9. Kim Jones / Via

Jones is a fashion blogger and TV host who considers herself a water baby that loves the beach. Oh, and Jericho Rosales happens to be her lucky husband.

10. Gabriel Valenciano / Via

The son of singing legend Gary Valenciano is a fun follow, most famous for his "Super Selfie" videos that inspired Beyoncé's "7/11" music video.

11. Yoshke Dimen & Vins Carlos (The Poor Traveler) / Via

This duo makes travelling on a tight budget look so easy and so good.

12. Gem Muzones / Via

This Filipina with colorful hair shares her travels with her "hobo" boyfriend, Beep. Yes, Beep is his name.

13. Lisa Marie Mirasol / Via

This travel blogger's escapades around the Philippines highlight the diverse natural and archietectural beauty of the motherland.

14. Ivan Henares / Via

As a Filipino heritage conservationist, Henrares preserves the rich cultural scene of the Philippines on his account.

15. Gay Mitra-Emami / Via

This Manila-raised backpacker currently in Kingston, Jamaica says she aims to promote Filipino tourism not just by hosting foreign tourists in the Philippines but also by sharing Filipino culture overseas.

16. Angel Juarez / Via

Though Juarez is a full-time IT professional in Manila on weekdays, he satisfies his wanderlust on the weekends.

17. Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap / Via

Zeta-Yap is a travel journalist who captures both gorgeous faces and places.

18. Christine Fernandez / Via

Fernandez showcases her stunning hikes in the Philippines and beyond on her Instagram.

19. Darlene Madrid / Via

Madrid left the corporate world to go on foodscapades around the world, though she says Philippines will always be her home.

20. Jelito de Leon / Via

This lifestyle Manila-based photographer's pictures are a eye-gasm for minimalists.

21. Erwan Heussaff / Via

After some time in Siberia, this foodgrammer came back to Manila when he was 23 and now is a restauranteur and business owner. He's also the boyfriend ofAnne Curtis, whose Instagram you should def follow too.

22. Kris Aquino (no, not that one) / Via

Looking through this wanderer's photos is like taking a vacation right from your phone.

23. Alessandra Lanot / Via

Lanot mostly shares her Pinterest-worthy arts and crafts on her Instagram, which also shows off her amazing typography skills.

24. Vince Uy / Via

If you want to know what the life of a magazine executive is like, Uy is your guy. He's the creative director Preview Magazine, Cosmopolitan PH, Town & Country PH, Esquire PH and Elle Decoration PH.

25. Cat JL / Via

Life never looked so good than in this lifestyle writer's photos.

26. Samantha Lee / Via

Lee is a Manila-born filmmaker currently studying in Australia. She makes everything look good in her photos — from selfies to art to food to coffee.

27. Rogelio Gabiano (Gabz) / Via

Gabiano's photos of the Philippines' natural landscapes definitely show why you should never, ever go visit the country. /sarcasm

28. Paolo Ballesteros / Via

Ballesteros' contour game is on point. Like, ANOTHER LEVEL on point.

29. Vanjo Merano / Via

For Pinoys outside of the Philippines, Merano's Filipino food dishes will make you miss the homeland so bad.

30. Mia Fermindoza / Via

Fermindoza is a rockstar intersectional feminist and photographer, and her captions are often just as wonderful as the photos she posts.

Who are the awesome Pinoy 'grammers you follow? Add them in the comments!

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