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    19 Reasons Filipino Christmas Is Actually The Best

    The Pasko turn-up starts in September, and don’t stop until January. Maybe February.

    1. The Pasko turn-up starts in September, and don’t stop until January. Maybe February.

    2. Wars in the country stop during the holiday season.

    Reuters / Via

    3. Our parol light displays rival the holiday decor in NYC's Rockefeller Center.

    Noel Celis / AFP / Getty Images

    When God said "Let there be light," the Philippines CAME THROUGH.

    4. And what is brighter than the Christmas light show in Makati's Ayala Triangle Gardens?

    Iana Peralta CC BY-ND / Via Flickr: upto6only

    5. Your dreams of a "White Christmas" can still come true, thanks to our white sand beaches.

    6. We have a Santa Klaus traffic cop who's got wicked moves.

    'Nuff said.

    7. Christmas caroling in the Philippines is a good way to make some extra pesos.

    Except when someone's being a barat Grinch and only gives you barya-barya.

    8. You can look forward to even more money when you get your legally required 13th Month Pay.

    The Ellen Show / Via

    9. And then even mo money, thanks to that Christmas bonus from your galanteng amo.

    lexlib / Via

    10. But there's no greater joy than seeing your inaanak's and pamangkin's faces when you surprise them with gifts on gifts on gifts.

    My pretty pamangkin happy with her gift. :D #christmas #gifts #happytita

    11. 9 days of early morning mass (Misa de Gallo/Simbang Gabi) is so worth it when this is your view.

    Joel Nito / AFP / Getty Images

    12. And even more worth it when you get fed with puto bumbong at bibingka afterwards.

    13. The 9 days end with Panunuluyan, a dramatic re-enactment of Mary and Joseph trying to find shelter to birth baby Jesus.

    14. After Noche Buena mass, you're rewarded with neverending Noche Buena dinner.

    15. Which you'll burn off during the fun Pasko party line dance performance.

    16. And while singing your heart out during karaoke.

    17. The party doesn't stop there. We're boppin' in the streets as well.

    Jay Directo / AFP / Getty Images

    We go all out with floats, traditional dances and firecrackers.

    18. We celebrate April Fool's Day months earlier on Dec. 28 during Fiesta de los Ninos Inocentes.

    Darker JasonX / Via

    "Oh, you better watch out. You better not cry!" really takes on a new meaning.

    19. And once the festivities are over by February, the countdown to September begins again.

    Mikey Bustos / Via

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