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21 Things That Happen At Every Filipino Party

Here for the lechon, lumpia and lots of love. But especially lechon.

1. The tita who told you the party starts at four o'clock actually meant five o'clock.

2. But tbh, everyone's going to be there at six. #PINOYTIME, di ba? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

View this video on YouTube / Via

3. Except for the one token white dude, who spends the rest of the night trying to follow your lead. / Via

4. Before anything, you better mano po your elders.

5. And leave your sapatos at the door!

6. Once you're in, everyone's like, "Halika, KAIN NA!"

7. No matter how many people are at the party, there'll always be enough food to feed the whole neighborhood.

8. But you can always count on a tita to tell you how much weight you've gained, like, "Ay, anak, tumaba ka yata?"

9. Yet, that same tita will keep telling you, "Kain pa!" every five minutes.

10. Because, let's be real, who's going to finish that lechon in the middle of the table?

11. Or all that lumpia?

Adventure Foods / Via

12. And of course, you're eating at the kids table, even if you're so "dalaga na."

13. Meanwhile, the titas and titos — half of whom you aren't even related to — remain WITHOUT CHILL.

Having your titos be all protective and say, "No boypren ha, school pirst!" when your titas are like "How's boypren mo?" #FilipinoProblems

14. Then when it's karaoke time, there's always a group of drunk nanays who want to sing ABBA's "Dancing Queen."

melenie / Via

15. And if the tatays aren't joining in, they're either talking about basketball or Pacquiao. / Via

16. After more inuman, everyone comes together for mahjong.

Mahjong flow... Feeling so Filipino 😛

17. And don't forget the line dancing. / Via

18. When it's almost midnight, it's time for a second dinner and dessert!

19. And when it's time to go home, and after you've said "bye" to all 29,495 relatives, everyone stands by the door and starts talking again.

If you're at a Filipino party and your parents say you're leaving add 4 hours to that

20. But at least may pa-uwi ka!

This is called putos... leftovers from a Filipino Party... #pinoypride @filipinofood

21. And you'll leave victorious with leftovers for daaaaaaays.