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29 Shameful Things Pinoys Who Weren't Born In The Philippines Understand

Walang hiya!

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1. You can't speak Tagalog or your family's dialect. / Via

*side eye*

2. Or worse, you can't even understand Tagalog or your family's dialect. / Via

9. You rooted for Floyd Mayweather, not Manny Pacquiao, during the "Fight of the Century."

Rooting for Mayweather in a Filipino household is like playing with a land mine


12. You can't sing or dance.

I just realized that I can't dance or sing so am I really Filipino!?


13. You dare to eat meals without rice.

A meal isn't a meal without any rice involved. What can I say? I'm Filipino hahaha

And yes, breakfast definitely counts.

14. You don't know how to sing the Philippine national anthem. / Via

15. Or worse, you think our national anthem's name is "Bayang Magiliw." / Via

WRONG. It's "Lupang Hinirang."

16. You tend to arrive at the party on time.

I made the mistake of showing up to a #Filipino party on time. I'm totally 2 hours early. #filipinotime


17. Your Filipino guests don't know what to do in your bathroom because you don't have a tabo. / Via

18. You don't like Filipino food.

Yeeee!!! Dinaguan!! #thatchocolatemeatdoe

Seriously, just give dinuguan and lechon a try. Please.

19. You eat McDonald's or Burger King all the time, but never Jollibee.

20. You just can't get used to the taste of ube ice cream.

Omg Ube Ice Cream is the BEST<3 xxx

Your opinion is wrong.


21. You don't have the mad skills to eat with your hands.

You need to hop on that kamayan dinner aesthetic.

22. You throw away plastic utensils, containers and bags after one use.

Hahahaha my grandma used to wash plastic forks RT @rogotiz3 Is my mom the only #Filipino that washes disposable straws for reuse?


23. You use a Swiffer rather than a walis tambo.


25. You haven't made the habit of wrapping all remote controls in plastic.

Remote in plastic wrap, how filipino r u

Sige ka, ma-dudumi yung remote mo.

26. You don't take extra napkins or sauce from restaurants to take home.

I swear those containers that limit how many napkins you can take were created for Filipino parents

27. You haven't memorized all the names of your 126 titas, titos, and pinsans.

My big fat Filipino family. #pinoys #pinays #surprisevisit

And yes, that includes their nicknames: Tita Baby, Tito Boy, Ate Nene.

28. And you don't even like going to the beach.