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9 Facebook Friends That Everybody Has

If you don't recognise one, it's probably you

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1. The Passive Aggressive Friend

This person is the queen of controversial statuses that are obviously directed at someone in particular. Some examples include: "Wish some people would grow up and move on." and "Some friends need to know when to shut up." We all know who it is. Be a (wo)man and say it to their face.

2. The Proud Parent

Kourtney Kardashian / Via Facebook

The random on your newsfeed who's child you know better than your own best friend. Do not fear, you will be kept entertained on a daily basis with the tantrums, outfits and drawings of a random child. You will grow to love this child like your own over time, and probably cry in 16 years when they upload the graduation photos.

3. The Selfie Queen AKA The Kim K

Kim Kardashian / Via Facebook

This person is the most generous of them all. They go out of their way multiple times a day to bless your newsfeed with their face. Everyone loves a good selfie but everything in moderation.

4. The Compliment Fisher

LSuff / Via

"I look so bad right now", "This light is not working for me". These are captions you can expect from the compliment fisher. And right on queue the complimentary comments. Just remember compliment fishers, you are beautiful and you do not need compliments to prove that :)

5. The Politician

Department of Energy / Via

Possibly the most controversial of your Facebook friends, the politician has an opinion on just about everything. Most of their posts feature an argument in the comments section. We're all for free speech but sometimes it's better to keep things to yourself.

7. The Shameless Brand Promoter

Scott Disick / Via Facebook

"Hey guys make sure to check out the new tummy trainer! Only £9.99 for the next few days when you use this code!" Gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Still, doesn't make it less annoying.

8. The Constant Traveller

Rihanna / Via Facebook

This person is constantly making you jealous. Photos of sunny beaches, tropical jungles and snowy mountains, this person gets around... the world. You're on the verge of deleting them but you don't really want to miss out on their next adventure.