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19 Lies All Scottish Parents Tell Their Kids

Turns out Irn-Bru doesn't actually turn you ginger.

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1. If you drank too much Irn-Bru you'd turn orange. / Via

It turns out it's not a cheaper alternative to fake tan.


5. If you wore a Celtic or Rangers top in Glasgow you would immediately be killed.

Which is why they were reserved for indoors and holidays only.

6. That "Nessie is real, she must just be sleeping."

Whenever you drove past Loch Ness and the monster failed to put in an appearance. She's like a watery Santa Claus.

8. If an ice cream van played music, it meant it was out of ice cream.

This was particularly mean, although we all caught on eventually.


9. Every street you weren't allowed to go down had the bogeyman living on it.

Probably just used as a replacement for the word "junkie", come to think of it.


13. That hot Ribena cures any illness.

It was forced down your throat whenever you tried to skive school or ceilidh practice.


17. If you ate your crusts you'd get curly hair.

But then again, the crusts on this were pretty delicious anyway.

18. "If you don't wash behind your ears, tatties will grow there."

Which made you less likely to wash them as you wanted to find out if this was true.